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Countrywide is the leading supplier of products and services to the rural community. Living and working within their local communities they appreciate not only the UK rural way of life but the needs of their customers. That's why their online stores sell almost everything you need.

Why did we register ?

Between June 1999 and March 2005 we were shareholders in Donegal Creameries. I had a good relationship with John Keon the then CEO, and had the Creameries on the MolecularFarming Database. In fact I arranged discussion on a possible co-operation deal with a Canadian company which could have resulted in Donegal breeding a blight-free potato. The deal didn't work out. During that time I noticed that the domain had been registered by someone else. John said, in one of our meetings, that the registerer had offered the Creameries the domain, but wanted a "fortune" for it, so they had decided to go with the

In the meantime I attended the AGMs of the Company, usually held in July. In early July 2004 I noticed that the domain had become free. I told Dominic Kelly that it had at the AGM on July 7th 2004, and advised that the company register it immediately. I also mentioned this to the Chairman, Lexie Tinney, and told him to remind Dominic later.

In mid August I noticed that still had not been registered by the Company. As a shareholder I thought that I'd better register the domain, if nothing else since I was still potentially dealing with the Company, and still had the An Grianan farm in the Database.

A few months afterwards the new CEO, Ian Ireland, was appointed. I met with him to see if he wished to continue with having Donegal Creameries on the Database, and he said that he'd rather not, so I removed the farm, and company from the Database, although it remained there as a potential "non-gm" contract growing partner for several years.