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Recombinant Proteins from Plants: Methods & Protocols - 2008. editors Loic Faye & Véronique Gomord - currently the best, most up to date book on Molecular Farming. You can buy it, and other Molecular Farming books, from Amazon.

Clemson University and Queensland University of Technology are forming a partnership to harness transgenic plant technologies and generate new economic clout for agriculture and life science industries.
Queensland Premier Peter Beattie joined university representatives for the announcement at the international Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) Convention in Philadelphia. The two universities are committed to transgenic plant research that supports molecular farming and biopharmaceuticals. Their goal is to develop technologies for plant transformation and for transgene expression in food, feed and industrial crops, transfer this technology to commercial agriculture and develop processes to recover and purify the compounds for industrial use.
The partnership includes private company participation, reciprocal field trials and an exchange of scientists.
"This collaboration captures the strengths of each institution to generate new knowledge for agribusiness and the life science industries," said John Kelly, Clemson University vice president for Public Service and Agriculture. "New technologies that emerge from this partnership will create economic growth and employment opportunities in both South Carolina and Queensland."

Clemson University of Clemson, S.C., is leading the development of transgenic and selective plant genetics in South Carolina. This effort will support a comprehensive agricultural plant industry from hybridization to processing.

Queensland University of Technology (QUT) of Queensland, Australia, is leading a public-private research and development effort to establish a molecular farming industry in Australia. The initiative is investigating target molecules and production systems.
The partnership was facilitated through the Queensland-South Carolina Sister State Agreement, which fosters collaboration between the two states. "Collaboration between our research organizations supports the development of globally competitive technology that will enhance the economies of both our states," said Damien Perriman, Queensland Government Deputy Commissioner for the Americas. "The relationship between Queensland and South Carolina is very strong, and an important building block of that relationship has been the links between researchers in these areas," said Peter Coaldrake, vice chancellor of QUT. "This agreement is a logical next step and represents an even stronger commitment to the research partnership."

Also supporting the collaboration is SC Bio, an organization committed to promoting the development of life sciences technology in South Carolina. "Incorporating leading life science companies assures the novel discoveries of the university collaborative become marketable products," said Karl Kelly, CEO of SC Bio. "Both Queensland and Clemson University have a clear mission to bring new life science technologies, companies and jobs to their states." Calvin Schoulties, dean of Clemson's College of Agriculture, Forestry and Life Sciences, said, "When I learned of the technology developed by James Dale at QUT, I was very eager to discuss ways that our universities could interact to advance the technology and benefit agriculture in both Australia and the United States."

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Aberdeen University [ Scotland ] offer BSc, MSc and PhD programmes in Animal Science and also Agriculture which include a strong molecular basis. The interests of their Animal Biology Research Group are also heavily Molecular.