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Recombinant Proteins from Plants: Methods & Protocols - 2008. editors Loic Faye & Véronique Gomord - currently the best, most up to date book on Molecular Farming

If you see a grower listed in the location you want, just contact us

Our largest acreage Database member is in early negotiations with the largest player in Molecular Farming. This grower has thousands of acres in Guinea, much of it suited to tobacco growing.

Our project manager was in Montreal at the CPMP2005 conference, meeting industry representatives and doing as much business for the Database as he could, both for the medium and longer term.
One thing that we now know is that the amount of farm land which will be needed for Pharmaceuticals in Plants will be small.
Acreages needed for future "industrial enzyme"
or "Bioplastic" production could be much, much greater, but these and other "added value" non-food use crops will not have nearly the same financial rewards for farmers

; --

In order to protect the natural environment, we are looking for farmers who would be prepared to lease land, TUNNELS { e.g. Mushroom 'houses' }, OR GREENHOUSES for SAFE Molecular Crop production to Pharmaceutical Companies . See Mission Statement.
Ideally this would mean growing non-food crops like Tobacco or Hemp, or crops in isolation, either through growing "nonnative" crops, growing in contained greenhouses or finding locations 8+ km away from any similar crop to prevent cross pollination/contamination. This would also include cross pollination of related wild weeds.
Some Molecular Crops, e.g. those containing 'plantibodies' and 'plantigens', will be worth more than US$2 million per hectare. We would expect, in order to get exactly the right location and conditions, Pharmaceutical Companies to lease land at much more than "commercial" rates for normal food crops, although land amounts needed may be very small..
We will act as "source", matching land, greenhouses, locations and / or farmers to Pharmaceutical Companies in their Country, or another where more suitable conditions may exist, either for growing, 'biofarming', 'pharming' or {bio}processing.

We do not want to see unregulated growing of Molecular Crops anywhere. Neither do we ever want to see potentially environmentally dangerous crops grown by farmers who aren't fully educated into their potential risks. This applies to poorer and third world countries in particular, which is why our Database is more about land and greenhouse locations than about finding actual farmers. If the farmers can gain employment as well as hiring their property so much the better, as long as they are trained or are fully able to handle requirements and safety.
At the same time it would be morally wrong to deprive poor farmers of the potential rewards from contract growing Molecular Crops, other non-food use protein and "added value" crops, or leasing facilities, especially if certain crops were scientifically shown as being Environmentally safe. e.g. non-foods like Tobacco.

In all reality, because of the early stage that many of the potential products are at, it may well be that this Database may not be needed for 3 - 5 years. At that time, however, we would like to be able to offer potential Pharma. 'customers' a choice of many Global locations, with every type of Farm, big and small, included.
We will seek very little ( see For Pharma ) from the Pharma. Company for suitable referrals from the Database

FARMERS - Please send an empty E-MAIL with MOLECULAR FARMING DATABASE in the subject heading. [ We delete attachments as a virus precaution, so don't send them ]

{ Your Name, Address and Phone / fax is not necessary with your first reply. }

WE WILL REPLY & ASK YOU ABOUT YOUR FARM / GREENHOUSES WITH THIS SHORT SET OF QUESTIONS {in an e-mail } : - { Please answer the question about willingness to be trained in Safe handling proceedures }

Your contact name, address and phone or fax.
Location of Land/Greenhouses and the area or size offered.
Present use of land - e.g. grass, rice, soya, tobacco, etc.
PAST use - [ To try to find what you might be able to grow, even if it hasn't been grown for many years ]
Can your location be easily reached by truck or lorry ? Yes or No.
Annual lease price in US$ per Hectare [ or Square metre for greenhouses and tunnels ] that you expect to get ? [ This is only an indicative figure, and may or may not be used as one of the many factors in comparing different locations that may be close to one another ]
What altitude are you farming at ? ------- Metres or feet above sea level
Can you provide irrigation, if necessary ? Yes or No.
Could you grow a crop on a contract basis where you provided labour and machinery ? Yes or No.
Would you be prepared to undergo training in the safe handling proceedures that certain sectors of the industry, e.g. plant made pharmaceuticals, will require ? Yes or No.

Would you contract grow, or lease land, for any non-food or "added value"
crop that was not for Molecular use, which would be much less valuable, but
which could still give a better return than traditional crops [ if you were
offered a contract that you liked ] ? Yes / No.

Is your location subject to any natural hazard or risk e.g. frequent storms, earthquakes, flooding? Yes or No.
Has your property public liability insurance? Yes or No.
If you were required by your Government to register as a Molecular Farmer would you do this ? Yes or No.

We will also add the following: -

From time to time we may be approached by someone other than a Pharma. company looking for Farmer contact details { e.g. Magazine Publisher }
We have not been approached as yet, and may never be, but would like to be able to get income from this should the opportunity arise.
May we make your e-mail address available to such a company should we believe that they might offer a product which you would find useful .? - YES or NO
[ If this is left blank in your reply, we will take it that you DO NOT wish this.]

Please understand that filling this form does not put you under any obligation. Any deal will be between you and the Pharma. or Biotech company directly, with's only role being as a contact Database.
Because this is a very young industry, the database may not be used for some time, but your contact details and information will be kept by us in a separate computer, hopefully to enable you to do business and make profit.

We mean what we say - Any information given will not be passed on to any company other than one seeking to lease your property, unless you tell us that you want it to be.
We will update the status,area total,country and basic outline of what is being offered on a regular basis to the
Future Grower Locations page.

E-MAIL our Global Project Manager HERE with "Molecular Farming Database" in the Subject line. We will reply.

Opportunities are never lost; someone will take the ones you miss.
do not wish Biotechs to miss the opportunity of growing future Molecular Crops in better Environmental Safety.

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